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Panel Hurricane Shutters

A Better Way to Protect Your Home

Consider Panel Hurricane Shutters For Your Property In All Cities In Brevard County.

The exterior of your home is its first line of defense against harsh winds and rain, so make sure you have strong shutters to protect your windows. Big Wave Storm Shutters in Palm Bay, Melbourne, and West Melbourne, FL specializes in custom panel hurricane shutter installations and repairs for homes and businesses. Made with a reinforced track system and self-aligning panels, you'll be able to open and close your panel hurricane shutters without hassle or strain.

Speak with our professionals today to learn more about panel hurricane shutters.


Many home and business owners are choosing panel hurricane shutters because they are...

  • Easy to install, maneuver and maintain.

  • Made to retract and to blend in with your window frame.

  • Removable if you ever want to upgrade the style.

When you need custom panel hurricane shutter installations or repairs, turn to the experts at Big Wave Storm Shutters. Schedule an appointment today and get a free estimate.

A Better Way to Protect Your Home


Hurricane Storm Panels are approved by Florida building code to meet and exceed wind load and impact testing for window glazings and openings. The benefits of storm panels over plywood is the panels are precise to exact size and have the cutouts for hardware precut and are numbered for the specific window. Hardware is installed professionally with a variety of different hardware depending on the substrate. All of our hardware is also rust resistant or stainless steel. This makes installation much easier than plywood. The panels are 15” wide so you can carry what feels comfortable. Hurricane panels can be installed by one person or a team.

Materials used to manufacture the panels are: galvanized steel panels, aluminum panels, and polycarbonate panels. The materials are slightly different in weight with the aluminum panels being the lightest, polycarbonate (most expensive) also being very light, and the galvanized steel being the heaviest but also the cheapest.

Optional track systems: include h-tracks and f-tracks and can make the installation ladder free in most cases.

All of our panel installations include a map and instructions on how to attach and maintain your hurricane shutters. Warranty is 10 years on installation.

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